Spriters Strategies: Backgrounds (Archive)

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve had internet problems.

This is just another pet peeve of mine: sprite comics that don’t have backgrounds. Yes, I know, even Bob and George only used a magically changing solid color for a background, with another solid color for the floor; but, God damn it, he has no excuse for it either.

As someone who has dabbled in hand-drawn comic creation, I can understand cutting corners a bit with the backgrounds. After all, unless you’re characters warp every panel (something that, for some reason, rarely occurs in my comics) you’re going to have to draw that same background over and over again (unless you’re using computer technology to copy and paste them, which I would recommend). This can quickly become tedious. Sprite comic creators do not have this problem; they can just copy some video game background into their comic, and even repeat it for as many panels as necessary. Since the whole foundation of sprite comics is copying and pasting, this of course wouldn’t be a problem. Besides, it would be a thousand times better than just a solid color or some shoddy gradient.

A couple good places to find video game backgrounds (other than illegal emulation):

Something I rarely seen done but would look great (done by the correct hands) would be mixing different background elements from different games to make more complicated backgrounds:

And just think of all of the clever mixtures people could come up with. And then realize that none of them will ever come, because everyone’s too lazy to use anything other than a single color for a background.

-JJW Mezun (December 24, 2010)


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