Sprite Comics are works of sequential art that are constructed from various graphics, called “sprites”, of a myraid of different video games. For a few—extremely miniscule number—of these comics, the author uses this innovative form of art to create entertaining works that use the graphics in interesting, meaningful ways. And then there are many who slap down a couple of Mega Man sprites, resized so that they look like inconceivable ass, and have them utter “L0L L33T IMINA SPRITE COMIK!!!”, or something retarded like that.

This blog’s noble goal is to make fun of low-quality sprite comics—or just any sprite comic I feel like making fun of. While I attempt to be somewhat constructive in my criticism, the ultimate goal of this blog is not necessarily to critique sprite comics, but to mock them MST-style for your entertainment. Please do not take this commentary too seriously and remember that I am just as bad as those mocked in this blog. Enjoy.

Also, in case you care: There is profanity in this blog, if that bothers you. I, also, cannot speak for the content of the comics mocked themselves. Just a warning.


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