One of the Best Sprite Comics Websites Ever!

The website I can only assume is called “Sprite comics Home” introduces itself as “probably one of the world’s best sprite comic websites,” because even he admits that the standards for sprite comic websites are really low. Don’t worry, though: he promises that he’ll only submit his “best” comics.

With this much hype I can only imagine the enormous supply of sprite comics and sprite comic articles these two scamps have published on their long journey up to the top of sprite-comic-websitedom. So, let’s check out the “Sprite comics” section, using the wonderfully designed navigation bar (dark red and bright blue make excellent contrast, by the way):

Okay here I shall be soon submitting sprite comics that me and stevo have created in the past.

Don’t worry, folks: these two will eventually get around to actually posting some comics one of these days. It’ll be awesome when they do! And, no, those “Comics by brendy” and “Comics by stevo” are not links. You’re forgiven for being mistaken that they would be. Well, I must commend them on one thing: this page certainly isn’t confusing. Hell, they even made sure to write “Sprite comics” twice at the top, just in case someone missed the first instance. I always wondered why book authors always write chapter titles only once at the beginning of their chapters; I really hope this innovation of the uncapitalized bendy and stevo catches on.

Okay, so maybe they don’t have any actual comics per se; but I’m sure they have some enthralling tutorials…

No entries have been posted by the owner of this site. Please check back soon for updates.

Well, at least they have two links in the links section: Newgrounds and Spriters Resource. It’s a good thing these two let me in on these two obscure websites; I don’t know how I could have done my work on this blog without these two and their sprite comic expertise!

So this is the best sprite comic website—a website with absolutely nothing, save two links that any reader of this site will already know about. Yeah, that sounds about right.

-J.J.W. Mezun

Published: November 12, 2011

Sprite comics Home


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2 Responses to One of the Best Sprite Comics Websites Ever!

  1. chibikage89 says:

    I’ve made a few sprite comics myself

  2. acne says:

    Wow, extraordinary blog format! How lengthy have you been blogging for? you make running a weblog glance easy. The full glance of your website is great, as smartly the content material materials!

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