Just Some Bullshit You Probably Don’t Care About

Holy shit, Drunk Duck actually doesn’t look like complete shit anymore.

Hell, even Bowser’s Plan B’s page looks more presentable, not the least of which because that stupid-ass “This comic cannot be held responsible for any who laugh themselves to death.” logo is gone. Now I don’t have to strain my eyes when I am reading about Anonymous bitching at Chaos for his shitty poll system. Well, of course it doesn’t work for you: you voted “no”. He’s like one of those “Presidents For Life” and he has Red Shirt (oh, sorry: I guess he’s the lame-ass “Mushman” now) rig the polls and keep away the “undesirables”.


About J. J. W. Mezun

J. J. W. Mezun wants you punks off his lawn.
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