Let’s Make Fun of Comixpedia Some More

Comixpedia is, obviously, an encyclopedia for comics, started because Websnark’s Eric Burns was pissed off because Wikipedia kept deleting the pages of truly significant webcomics that the majority of people have never heard of. Just a little note, the highly acclaimed Bowser’s Plan B was one of these pages, which can now be found in Comixpedia’s sprite comic list. It is one of the least egregious on that list. Now, I know this may be stereotyping someone I know nothing about, but considering this is the same guy who had the balls to put a disclaimer saying, “This comic cannot be held responsible for any who laugh themselves to death,” I might have to guess that he himself made the Wikipedia page.

Okay, to be fair, it’s not like Wikipedia doesn’t add unimportant bullshit for other subjects, but that’s besides the point.

Now, to be honest, I don’t think a wiki dedicated to comics is a bad idea at all. I mean, shit, if single TV shows can get their own wiki, I don’t see why an entire medium can’t. Indeed, Comixpedia could be a great source for finding webcomics in an environment where you don’t have the luxury of editors or businesses to make that choice for you.

It could be.

The problem with Comixpedia is that most of its comics are bullshit. The site’s piled with comics so unprofessionally made they wouldn’t be accepted in a high school newspaper. And I mean piled. So instead of being able to find quality webcomics, I have to sift through lists and lists of this garbage, and then give up empty-handed.

It’s ironic, too, because I actually think that Burns’s idea that a comic must have at least one hundred comics to be included and the page must be made by someone else (honestly, how pathetic is it to make a wiki page for your own god damn comic?) to be included in Wikipedia would be a good idea for Comixpedia. Maybe Comixpedia could work on that.

But let me get to the gist of this article; and to help me, I’ll look at Burns’s own complaints about Wikipedia. According to Comixpedia’s About page, his two complaints were that Wikipedia had errors that go uncorrected or unchallenged and that Wikipedia is too strict on its article inclusion. Now, we all know that Comixpedia didn’t run into that second problem, since it has no standards whatsoever; but what about that first problem? Let’s look at a couple of sprite comics I found on Comixpedia’s sprite comic list to find out.

Cheesy Comics

Somebody apparently didn’t pay their bills. Tsk, tsk.

16 bit land

I actually remember seeing this once years before. You might be surprised to learn that it was, yes, a half-assed rip-off of 8-Bit Theater. Hell, even the name is a half-assed rip-off: what, did your keyboard come without shift or caps lock keys? Well, anyway, at least we can be rest-assured that this comic’s disappearance is no loss at all, considering that its existence was redundant, anyway.

The Adventures of Kharana

Back to the Past!

…To a time when this comic still existed.

Broken Reploid

More like “Broken Link”, amirite?

Chew on This

Bob and George said, “Fuck that, we never heard of it!”


The Cliche’ Games

Strangely, this page has no link whatsoever. I guess this is one of those postmodernist comics where the author only gives you the concept of the comic and you’re supposed to imagine the actual work yourself.

FF IV-play

Looking at the name, I’m actually glad this doesn’t exist anymore.

Okay, so the main link at the The Final Zone Comixpedia page is broken, but one of the bottom links works. So they’re only partly incompetent here.

Okay, I know this doesn’t fit with the theme of this article, but just read this page. I think there’s a reason why Wikipedia deleted that page—because it doesn’t say jack shit.

Another digression: This one leads to a fucking forum, which has no indication as to where the comics are. Here’s a nice tip: forums make shitty websites for comics.

Hold the Reset Button

…has been reset to another website, without any mention of this sprite comic at all.

Okay, this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. The guy hosted his comic on Comixpedia itself, promising to find a proper host after he makes 25 of them. And the link to his hosted comics is dead. I know I shouldn’t expect professionalism from sprite comic creators, but come on.

This is the most beautiful comic I’ve ever seen.

Necromancer Ned: A New Day

Have I mentioned that a few of these are broken links, yet?

Planet of the Imps

Please leave Classic Gaming out of this, Comixpedia.

Press ESC

This comic sure pressed ESC out of existence.

Okay, Primer Chronicles’s website does exist, but let me just point out that it is a DeviantART page, which you can imagine has a pretty terrible layout. Nothing against DeviantART (well, not completely against it), but it doesn’t seem like a great site to be hosting comics on, unless it can provide individual pages for each comic page, which I highly doubt.

Reploid Hunter Iris

I told you, already: Bob & George has never heard of these comics. It never existed.

Rockin’ with the Erock

I don’t want to sound cynical, but it seems like a lot of these pages were made simply to pimp out new comics. Might be just a hunch.

Rockman EXE: Warriors of the Net

Probably not.

Rulers of Chaos

But no longer rulers of their URL.

Silver Koopa & Friends

I have to agree with the smiling young woman here: this sprite comic being gone probably is a positive phenomenon.

Sonic: Isn’t That a Restaurant

The expression that woman down in the lower right is doing is the same I did when I found out this comic doesn’t exist anymore. Trust me, if you read the Comixpedia page you’d be glad it doesn’t exist; we don’t need another That’s My Sonic! or inSONICnia.


No longer taking the award for stupidest comic name (that now goes to CEK).

(Title Pending)

So’s the URL, I guess.

Okay, I swear this is the last digression: but this looks like a sprite comic created by a postmodernist poet. That is not a compliment, by the way.


I don’t know if that “User:” part is supposed to be part of the title, or if the person who added this (the author) is completely incompetent. Man, fuck you lazy assholes. All you guys did was spend five minutes half-assing a sprite comic and then added a page for it on Comixpedia in an insidious attempt to get attention. For those of you who accused me of being an attention-seeker for making fun of That’s My Sonic! or Bar’d, or whatever comic it was, at least I didn’t stoop this low. Hell, I could probably add my blog to Comixpedia if I felt like it and nobody would notice. Hell, I must be the only one who’s been to this website in the last year or so if all of these broken links is an indication.

But, honestly, the thing that annoys me the most is how these people don’t even bother to say anything about their page but a tiny, meaningless sentence that amounts to “This has jokes about video games and everyday life—just like every other webcomic!” Hell, at least Ansem Retort’s TV Tropes page could actually be described as an authentic page, and not some shallow way for the author to gain free hits. (Well, it could be described that way, at least.)

Hey, look: there’s both a Vangard page, and a Races in Vangard page, both of which lead to the same website. How narcissistic can you people get?

Okay, last digression; I mean it this time: I just want to say that Werepuppy’s WebComix is the new winner for the worst sprite comic name award. Better luck next time, CEK. Seriously, I am not typing CEK’s name again; it’s terrible.

World War 100

…was ended with a nuke.

Now, some might complain, “Well, why don’t you fix the broken links? The website’s open to everyone.” Well, why fix them so that more can come back later when some other inconsiderate assholes decide to dump their trash in Comixpedia when I can make fun of them and make an example out of this?

Now, go fix all of those broken links so that, ironically, my own webpage is based on outdated information, and then make your own blog post making fun of me for linking to Comixpedia pages that don’t exist anymore.

-J.J.W. Mezun

(Published: July 9, 2011)


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