What is This Thing Called a News Post?

Today is this blog’s one-year anniversary (Pixelated Pestilence’s one-year anniversary was technically October, 2010), and because I’m narcicistic I am going to make a gigantic article of random bullshit just to say “Hey everyone! I did this shit for a year! Let’s celebrate!”

Or maybe I just revised all of my previous articles (excluding Nintendo Acres and Gamers Mega Twist, which I just wrote.)

However, so people don’t accuse me of going Big Brother on my blog, I saved the older versions of all of the revised articles in the Archives section, which can be found on the navigation bar. That way you can still laugh at all of my embarrassing mistakes I made in the past, instead of laughing at the ones I still made.

I also added a Glossary, in case you see any jargon in any of my articles that you don’t understand.

-J.J.W. Mezun

(Published: July 3, 2011)


About J. J. W. Mezun

J. J. W. Mezun wants you punks off his lawn.
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