Kirby Blast (Updated)

Kirby Blast is is a Kirby sprite comic hosted on Kirby’s Rainbow Resort (technically hosted on SmackJeeves—which is a thousand times worse—but still included in KRR’s main updates), probably the most prominent Kirby fan site on the internet, showing just how much KRR has jumped the shark. But Kirby Blast has competition on this prestigious website: it goes up against Gooey: A Heroic New Ambition!, and what an ambition this comic is! Thanks goes to Bimblesnaff’s three-year-old nephew for his adorable drawing.

Introduction Cover

[Note: This page has mysteriously vanished, and the first comic link now leads to a Christmas drawing. However, thanks to my archiving skills, its horribleness can still be remembered.]

Let’s see: awkward difference of pixel size for eyes, mouth and rest of body? Beautiful! Clipped test at the top left? Perfect! Random Photoshop effects? Sexy!

Intro: Page1

Look at those sexy word bubbles! It almost makes me think that SolartheHedgehog has never read a comic before, because nobody in their right mind has ever used such amazing word bubbles as these. And look at that font, which is not tacky in the slightest. And I love Solar’s unique way of arranging the text in that first panel there. You know, it says something about a comic when I can find so much to… love about this comic before even reading the first fucking word of dialogue.

Luckily, the writing does not fail to disappoint us either. The old “protagonist is bored and decides to do something random because I’m too lazy to actually think up a logical and interesting beginning” plotline is back, and shittier than ever! I can’t wait to see how this plot (doesn’t) develops.


Like it? I started this comic today

I’ll update sometimes but now just hang tight!

“Please give me attention! I’m begging you!”

Let’s examine what Solar is really saying here. She (just found out that SolartheHedgehog is a female) says that she just started the comic, something no one could guess based on the fact that this is the earliest comic in the archive, and at the time would have been the only one other than that utterly useless cover page. Next, she says that people who worry about her not updating, even though she just updated, should hang tight, and not fear that she does not update every second of her life.


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and lol “the sun is shining,Dedede isn’t stealing my cake” XD

Does Chaosmark101 have a verbal tic or something? Hey, XD this comic XD is fucking XD shit.

I’m hoping Chaosmark101 is some kind of sprite comic police who finally tracked Solar down before she could commit any more sprite comic crimes.

Intro: Page 2

Panel 1: “Much better than looking at this comic.”

Panel 2: Heartbroken by this random recolor not knowing about Kirby, Kirby decides to jump off of the cliff.

Panels 3 and 4: “With my ability to blabber on in ungrammatical nonsense!”

Panel 5: Or you can find him at his usual residence, the surface of the sun.

Panel 6: Kirby’s expression: “DUHHRRR!” I don’t blame her for being disgusted.


lol, the mysterious girl thinks Kirby’s a sicko cuz of his ability to swallow his enemies XD

Thank you, Recon Jr., for summarizing the comic after we’ve already read it. Also, thank you for laughing at your own comic. Maybe it will actually trick someone into thinking it is funny.



Marta Lualdi:


The virus has spread!

Devin the rapping plummber:

If this had cameos, i would do it before i blink.
I love it so far.

Devin’s first attempt at rapping falls flat, honestly. Is he saying that he wants to have sex with this comic? This is what happens when you enlist “plummbers” to do an MC’s job.


XD “saving dreamland from dedede’s fattyness metaknights

idiotic lust for power and other idiots who think they can take me on”


*coming to a creal box near you*

“get away from you sicko”


Chaosmark does a good service for Solar, transcribing her comic into hypertext so that blind people can suffer with the rest of us.

Summary of rest of comments: “LOL THNX”. They all sound like a bunch of giggling school girls. Seriously, nothing is that funny—not even an avalanche of fat clowns on tiny unicycles.

Intro: Page 3

Apparently Solar mistakingly thought that Kirby’s “lemme give you a blow job” face looks like a shouting face. It doesn’t.


I really like this page

Who are the people attacking Dedede’s Castle? FIND OUT NEXT TIME!

It shows that a comic is high-quality when even its own creator praises it, amirite? Did you grade your own math tests, too? FIND OUT NEXT TIME!

It’s a good thing she tells you that “FIND OUT NEXT TIME!” thing, too. I was afraid the plot progressed in the earlier comics.


change a little. get a lot. WalletPop&tradem; get $ saving tips

You can learn a lot about your comic from reader comments. For example, you can be reminded about what you wrote and how it was “LOL” funny, supposedly. It is good, too, that they tell Solar that these comics are funny, without saying exactly why they feel that way. Solar should make sure to take this advice and make more “funny” comics, even though she still hasn’t quite made one yet from the looks of it.

Intro: Page 4 ENDING

Really? Because this comic hasn’t gotten interesting at all—including this utterly cliché ending quote. Hell, all of this dialogue is trite as hell.

SolartheHedgehog in response to the typical blind sycophancy:

thnx, and it took a while too

“A while” = two seconds.

Chapter 1 Cover

“Hey, everyone! I know how to change the opacity of layers!”

She doesn’t, however, understand how to not clip her fucking sprites, as poor, uh, brown Kirby recolor witnesses.

And Solar, stop cheering your own god damn comic.

Ultimate Yoshi:

Cool cover, I like it.

Make sure you make more “cool” covers, Solar; whatever definition Yoshi seems to be hiding for what “cool” is.

Chapter 1: Page 1

The brown Kirby is named “Betty”, which is, coincidentally enough, the same name of the author, SolartheHedgehog. Kirby, the star of a popular canon, considers this “Betty” character for a girlfriend. I think they have a name for this phenomenon.


Lol, I WONDER who or what they crashed into?

“I wonder what will happen next in this comic I fucking make myself. I can’t wait until I get off of my ass and bullshit more ‘story’.”

I’m not even sure what the advertisement is supposed to be advertising this time. Some douche bag in pajamas with a squirrel tail and crown.


No. Good comic, but dont have fan characters X main videogame character

Oh shit, I see an Anonymous growing here! I’m psyched as shit! And I was about to drop this boring-ass comic to do something more entertaining—like maybe watching water evaporate from the ground.


ignore him Toon, he’s an idiot

This idiot, who praised said comic, even if he did point out one flaw in Solar’s majestic opus! I agree: he should be hung for such a travesty!

Actually, I really do agree: only an idiot would think this comic was good.


Yea, I’m the idiot, what ever makes you sleep at night girl.

Was that supposed to be a diss? “Whatever, female! Get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich!”

And toon link, get a real girlfriend/boyfriend, Its nice and all that your like a videogame character, but making someone so they can love eachother = no life.

He even makes up his own math formulas just like Anonymous! I like to imagine that Anonymous was Sadpanda’s mentor.

And also soloara, that was uncalled for. Is this just because you got serve’d at one of your old comics by me and a few other people?

“Yeah, man, we totally fucking burned you, dude!” Why do I get the feeling that whatever “serving” Sadpanda delivered was probably less impressive than he seems to make it out to be.

Also, if I am the idiot, that must class you as the unmature Faggot with an IQ of -10

As opposed to the “immature” faggots with an impossible IQ level. I’m not exactly sure how this conditional statement works; Sadpanda, if you want to explain your proof for this one, please leave me a message at

Try not to start a flame war with someone with more internet experince then you.

I wish I had as much “experince” as he has. God, that’s like a male accidentally chopping off his own balls while bragging about how many women he’s had sex with. He could have misspelled any word and it would have looked less hilarious than this particular word.

Who the hell brags about how much time they waste on the internet, anyway? Go up to someone in the real world and brag to them about how much internet “experince” you have; they won’t be as impressed as you think they would be.

Chapter 1: Page 2

Hey, Solar, could you make this comic bigger, please? I don’t have to scroll enough to see the rest of your comic. Because, you know, horizontal scrolling is just the best!

Panel 4: “Wait, let me give you two a blow job!”

Kirby’s mouth, meanwhile, is over his fucking foot. That’s just quality spriting!

Meta Knight must be pretty sensitive if he gets offended by “blue boy”. I mean, that’s actually factually accurate: he is a male that is blue. Shit, “Zorro’s pornographic voice actor” would have been worse.


I love Kirby’s expression in the 2nd to last panel xP

You mean how it impossibly floats over his god damn arm?

And stop advertising outdated Windows products, you sell-out.

super sonic m:

kirbys a pink boy, and i’m a i don’t know what boy. calling someone a blue boy is racist.

The worst part was that blue people still had to sit in the back of the bus, and had to drink from separate drinking fountains.

Interesting how a nonexistent slur gets him, but not “faggot” from before, which is authentically prejudice.

Solara is at school:

SSM, just, no I’m NOT racist

“Some of my best friends are blue.”

Based on your grammatical abilities, Solar, that school isn’t helping you much.

Chapter One: Page 3

“Hmm… Maybe I shouldn’t have just stood there and let Kirby leave. Dur!”

Nice job squeezing in that attempt of a punchline at the end there. You’ll eventually figure it out.


man! this page is SMALL!

Yeah, I actually don’t have to scroll horizontally to see it. What the hell is wrong with you?

Thanks LoneAlchemist for the new font (Anime Ace) and I hope you enjoy this page. This will be the new size of the pages so keep an eye on that

“Thank you, LoneAlchemist, for your hard work of showing me a font someone else made.”

I wonder what’s on Meta Knight’s mind *hint hint*


Chapter One: Page 4

Challenge: find the joke! Answer: there is none. Only the un-called-for beating of poor Waddle Doo, who kicks ass. Man, fuck you assholes—pink boy and… girl!




I hope you like this page as much as I do.
and I’m just showing off Betty’s new and revamped sprites (better shades and new bang)

Nobody could love this comic as much as you do. And by “better shades” do you include the random brown pixel on the back of her feet in that last panel?

Pajama squirrel king wasn’t pleased with the situation, either.

Chapter One: Page 5

Is Solar trying some challenge where she uses the most trite punchlines ever? Betty might as well have said “Let’s get jiggy with it!” Actually, I’d better shut my fucking trap before I give Solar any ideas.

So the two beat the living fuck out of a Waddle Doo and Kirby eats a Chibi Ninja? I sense a subtle insult against another comic… Well, except that would be a little too clever for Solar here.



Gasp! This is as exciting as every other time you made an update and over-reacted about it!

Ya, I updated, so I hope you like this page.

“Did I mention that I am writing something right now EVERYONE NOTICE ME!”

THIS TOOK ME 1 HOUR TO MAKE! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! and I wonder what’d gonna happen next?

No you don’t, because you’re the one who’s fucking writing this shit.

Also, do you like the title of the chapter? I thought of it a few minutes ago when I was making the chapters thingy

Yes, “Chapter One: Page 5” is the most brilliant comic title ever written. It’s right up there with “Chapter Five: Page 3”.


So is she able to absorb the stars just by contact?


yep, but it depends on the ability

if it’s ninja ability she can absorb it, if it’s a different ability it’ll just bonk her on the head

Oh, come on: just say “A Wizard Did It” like everyone else.

Chapter One: Page 6

This Doo abuse is not amusing in the slightest. What’s next, you gonna boil Chilly? You know, it says something when the villains get more sympathy from me than these two assholes.

By the way, relying on action for a sprite comic is not a very good idea, especially when you just use a bunch of blur filters to depict it.

Just read Solar’s quote from before; I don’t feel like typing the same bullshit again. All she does differently is that now she’s whoring herself to that same Topwebcomics virus that Recon fell to with Pokémon-X.

Lord Enigma:

His poor eye.

At least someone sympathizes with me here.

Chapter 1: Page 5 ENDING

Solar apparently loved the title “Page 5” so much that she repeated it here, even if it is chronologically incorrect.

Get that mouth fixed, fox Kirby. That is, after you turn back from being a stone statue.

Chapter 2 Cover

What is that white smoke even supposed to be? The most powerful flatulence ever committed?

It’s just Solar and Angry Pajama-Squirrel King left now.

Chapter 2: Page 1

Where are you? That’s a good question: what is that black-line-on-white-background supposed to be?


Anyway, as you see I’ve renamed this chapter for the sake of the readers. The fight scene would’ve been too boring considering nothing really happens during it, but the real climax only happens after it, so I decided to make this little ark; The Forgotten.

As opposed to the rest of the comic, which was jam-packed with excitement!

Many of you guys want to know how she was turned into a Kirby “like” creature and she wants to know why as well.

Last time I checked, fictional characters don’t have opinions. That’s why we think it’s silly whenever Pikachu or Snoopy are voted for in presidential elections.


By the white background, I believe She whited out


nope, guess again

Nope: that’s just due to laziness.

Chapter 2: Page 2

Panel 1: That’s a beautiful foot “*STEP*-*STEP*”-ing there.

Panel 3: You’re in the misspelled word! Also, notice how Betty’s ponytail magically grows between panels two and three.

Panel 4: “Bret? Why are you anorexic? It’s as if your stomach is a black hole to which all matter condenses into!”

Panel 5: Shirtless Sonic recolor? I’m all hot now!

Panel 8: Note to Solar: stop making expressions; they look like ass.

Panel 11: “Let me show you this Photoshop filter. I bought it off ebay.”


Anyway, I’m really proud of this page, and I hope you guys like it too!

My favorite part is the background: those white-to-light-gray gradients are just so amazing. And don’t forget that black line!

I agree with Angry Pajama-Squirrel King: I think it sucks, too.


I don’t think you should have just changed randomly to sonic chars what what the heck

Yeah, Sonic recolors has already become a laughing-stock, and we shouldn’t have needed J-Bit’s clumsy attempt at writing to discover that. What what the hell is wrong with you?

We shall pretend that LoneAlchemist’s subsequent attempt at random humor never occurred. For all of our sanity.

Chapter 2: Page 3

“What’s happening to me!? Where did my neck go? Why is my left foot fucking backwards?”

I call this dance “The Body-Part Shuffle”!


AM I LAZY OR WHAT? *awesomeface* *shot*

What the hell is an “awesomeface”? And I know this comic is terrible, but did we really need to shoot her? Oh, who am I kidding: feed her to the fucking fishes.

It was the Pajama King that shot her! I knew it!

Chapter 2: Page 4

Is it me or have the dialogue boxes gotten worse?

For god’s sake, how hard is it to find a god damn video game background off of the internet? Are you assholes so lazy that you can’t even get off of your ass and go find one, or even just some random photograph on Google Images? Anything would be better than black floor with white-to-gray gradient background; that’s just tacky as all hell.

Nice miniature arm there, emo Sonic.


I REALLY hope you like this page, and I wonder who THAT could be :3.

Ooo! Ooo! He’s the lead singer of My Chemical Romance!


Where’s his mask?



Yeah, you’ll ruin it for her two other fans. Anyway, I think he was just making fun of how ugly that little douche bag is.

There is something incredibly suspenseful coming up next. You can see that I am exponentially excited.

Chapter 2: Page 5

This comic is looking worse! She’s so bad that she gets less skilled as she makes this comic, like someone who becomes dumber doing mindless tasks, such as staring at gray walls or reading this comic. You know, most people complain about how sprite comics look awful, but this comic would look better if she straight-out stuck with sprites.

By the way, mixing sprites and hand-drawn visuals looks pretty tacky. Also, emo Sonic’s hair somehow grew in such a short amount of time, not to mention the fact that he’s drawn completely different from before. So many artistic flaws, so little time to point them all out.

Gasp! It’s glowing tufts of hair! It’s a good thing Solar put those “Glow!” words there, because I can’t read images. Maybe you should go all the way and put “Betty” and “Emo Douche” over the characters in every panel.


I know it looks REALLY crappy, so I’ll just stick to PS drawing :D

“I know it sucks, but I won’t change it so that it doesn’t suck or not post it so others aren’t subjected to its apparent suckiness. Just because.”

Chapter 2: Page 6

Panel 4: “Excuse me, I have some pixels in my eye.”

Panel 5: “Like how my hair can go under my right eye, but over its coloring?”

Chapter 2: Page 7

“Hold it! I have a destiny to fulfill? That sounds like a terrible Mary Sue fanfic plot!”

Man, just read this fantastic dialogue: “I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that left-over pizza before bed!” (rubbing uncomfortably against the walls of the dialogue box). And then we can just let overdone expressions finish the writing. Look at how silly he looks in that last panel! That beats an authentic punchline any day. Next comic she’ll use Javascript to detect when you’ve finished reading the comic and have a laugh track MP3 play automatically to point out the humor she wish she had in her comic.


lolololol you updated. i guess that makes me the alpha male around here. as for the fave button, i MIGHT be able to help’

“i guess that makes me sexist lolololol”

Chapter 2: Page 8

This time it actually is a good idea that she put that “brick’d” there, because I thought that was a tile until I read that. It shows some serious incompetence when you can’t even get photo-realistic visuals correct. Are you trying to make this terrible, Solar? Are you some kind of Webcomic troll?

Chapter 2: Page 9

“I know anime tricks and I will use them all arbitrarily!”

Remember when this comic had that Kirby guy involved? You know, the one who’s name is in the title. Did he die or something?



In something you thought you’d only see in science fiction, Solarthehedgehog’s comic was so badly crafted that it came to life to attack its heartless creator.

Ya, sorry about not updating for the second time last week, it’s cuz of THIS thing that made my update late ;-;

I also hate it when “THIS thing” unspecifically hampers my ability to update. That’s the reason why I didn’t update last week, by the way… yeah…

So, ya, I wonder what’s up :\

“Homey G dogg word!”

Also, I edited the site a bit more and I FINALLY added that f-ing TWC link. It’s in the menu, so you can vote for me! :D

I don’t want to click on it if it’s “f-ing” something; that’s gross. Let’s wait until it’s “h-ing” something. Allow me to beg for an explanation one more time as to why you would curse without actually cursing, like drawing a detailed rendition of the Mona Lisa using a stylus on a coffee table. Either don’t use curse words or use the whole word, G. D. it.



Text adventure for grown-ups. Probably the silliest browser game you’ll ever play.

Mr. Advertisement does not believe any of Solar’s excuses, and I don’t blame him.


shit happens

I think you mean “s-happens”.

Chapter 2: Page 10

“Kirby! How did you get those smudges on you!”

“Only you can save him now. As for me, I have to go find my arms.”

What if you don’t make it? Considering Kirby never appears in this comic anymore, I hardly see how it’d make any difference.

I decided not to show Solar’s comment, if only because it’s the same over-excited bullshit she vomits out every comic.

Okay, I will post this one:

Also, I have a serious question to ask.

I just changed my Facebook password and I’m using my account again. I don’t use it A LOT but I still use it. Anyway, I wanna ask you guys something

Should I make a Kirby Blast Group on Facebook?

Okay, guys, I have this really really important question to ask you all. It’s life-threatening.

Could this be any more faux-dramatic?

Chapter 2: Page 11

“Oh, um, by the way… how did me magically shrink? And where are my legs?”

JBlack the Hedgehog:

Wow! Looks good! Cameo spot?

No! Don’t you fucking dare!

Hey, wait a minute! “JBlack the Hedgehog”? Is this that emo from Bar’d? God damn it, why do you have to push yourself in everyone else’s sprite comics? Go do better things with your life, like fixing that eye of yours that always bleeds; that can’t be healthy.


Here I want to Camo in this one.

I will hunt all of you down, I swear.


I redid my Sprites, so I should be able to cameo. I’m not a serious spriter (and still rather new) so I only have a few done. In other words I’m not going to cameo

“I’ll cameo. Oh wait, no I won’t.”

Chapter 2: Page 12

“And you might try, uh, tapping your feet together. You know. And maybe, I don’t know, thinking about how your original destination is unique. Not like any other place…”

I have to admit, I think I’d rather be a Kirby recolor than a Sonic recolor; Sonic never seems to get the good sprite comics he deserves.

Chapter 2: Page 13

What is with these oversensitive people? “Don’t you dare call me ‘Fox Boy’!” Why? You are literally a fox that is male. What is the complaint?

I’m glad to see that the Saturday-morning-cartoon dialogue is still going strong: “T-that was a dirty trick!”

“It doesn’t matter; you’ll soon be dead. Mwa ha ha ha ha!”

What was the “dirty trick”, anyway? Rubbing Photoshop brush paint on his face? It doesn’t seem to be that bad, considering that the “blood” he had before magically disappeared; unless he rubbed it from one place into another.

Chapter 2: Page 14

Ha, ha, ha. I’m dead serious: this guy is straight out of the school of cliché villainy. “We’ll see about that through my very short line of vision.”

“She’s not half bad. I’ll have to start getting serious with her.” Great. Now there’s a love triangle.




What, is this an advertisement for Photoshop? Aren’t you already advertising that fucked-up squirrel with the crown. Whatever the fuck that’s supposed to be.

Let’s just ignore her annoying use of random hu… ASS!

dude53 (Guest):

These posters were made in Photoshop, by the way, and took 100+ layers. What I did was just create a bunch of layers that don’t do anything until I reached over a hundred.

It’s amazing how he knows that everyone loves this comic (especially since I can easily provide myself as a counter-example); but it’s even more amazing how he mentions everyone loving this comic including himself. You know, in case he’s not really a person, but a potted plant.

Slayer 1412:

And fight scenes are hard to do unless you have the right sprites and since they’re Kirby sprites…I ADVISE YOU TO DRAW THE FIGHT SCENES INSTEAD OF USING PIXEL SPRITES *insert OBJECTION! point*

So, is he supposed to be yelling that all-caps part or what? I ADVISE YOU NOT TO USE ALL-CAPS UNLESS YOU ARE TRYING TO SOUND OBNOXIOUS *insert GUN SHOT sound*

That said, he does raise a good point: sprite comics make shitty action comics. That’s why 8-Bit Theater is mainly dialogue. I wonder how Solar defended her decision.


This is a SPRITE comic! >:D

Thus I shall SPRITE the battle!

With more random all-caps. Does SmackJeeves not have a bold or italics button? I mean, I wouldn’t put it past them.


30+ layer?

…Hee. Heeheehee. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! THAT’S BULLSH*T COMPARED TO HOW MANY LAYER’S I’VE TO DO TO MAKE MY COMICS!! Not to be a jackass or anything but still.

Ho, ho, ho, that is rich, godmoderncommander! I can’t believe she’s such an asshole to only use 30+ laters, which really isn’t that small a number when you consider that it goes up to infinity. I guess when you can’t understand real quality you have to come up with bullshit methods for discerning quality. “My comic’s dick is bigger than yours!”

Chapter 2: Page 15

“Heh. You’re a fast learner at stabbing my Yo-Yo with a knife.”

They have some pretty erratic lighting there, it seems.

Wait, wait, wait… he’s willing to kill a… girl? Now he is evil!


Horray for an update! =D

Also, can I cameo can I cameo can I cameo? =3

Don’t do it, Solar. Don’t sell-out. For god’s sake, he even drew a penis in his comment. Do you want that kind of ilk to hang around your comics?


sure =D

PM me your sprites and BIO

I don’t care what Christians say: not even Jesus could save this comic now.


I feel like a total noob for saying this, but what is a cameo? XD

Yeah, I’d be embarrassed, too, if I didn’t know what a common English word meant. Although, in this case, PerfectPhoenix should be glad he doesn’t know.

Chapter 2: Page 16

Fox Boy, your taunt is a little less menacing when it’s coupled with “BEEP BEEP”. Hate to break it to you.

“Oh no! This explosive Yo-Yo’s about to go off! I’d better stand in place!” I think somebody’s been watching too many of those ’60s nuclear attack warning movies.

“Did you get that one, guys? Kirby sucks. ‘Cause, you know, he really does suck up enemies and stuff. Hello?”


There’s a Kirby Blast MEME on DeviantART if you wanna check that out. It’s in my journal. There are two characters on the meme that haven’t appeared yet, but they will. One of them will appear at the end of THIS chapter. oh ho ho.

I don’t think Solar knows what a meme really is, does she.


Good comic.

But when I looked at the cast, it said kirby was 15.

He’s 4. :<


he’s 15 in my comic D:

It’s called “artistic license”, Delto. Look it up sometime.

Oddly enough, she seems to be quite angry at her own decision to change Kirby’s age, if I read that emoticon right. It’s not like anybody forced you to do it, Solar.

Chapter 2: Page 17

Great going, Betty: that smack gave Kirby a large tumor on his head. You’re just lucky it disappeared right after.

Fox Boy: “Wow. I can’t believe they’d be so cliché to actually pull the ‘strong male character won’t admit he needs help’ routine.”

Wait. Kirby gets hit from the back and then somehow turns around and falls on his ass? How did that happen? Or did Kirby just get so tired from being hit that he sat down, but still wanted to face Betty? (It would have been rude to do otherwise.)

FighterDee (Guest):

Hadn’t awnsered my question. Will you stop drawning in your comics?


I’m sorry, but are you freaking blind?

I answered your question.

If you don’t like the art, then STOP READING. It’s PURE LOGIC.

I will NOT stop drawing in my comics because some idiot like you doesn’t like it.

Now why don’t you go crawl back into your little hole.

Okay, ignoring the fact that she didn’t answer him before (she didn’t), be fair to the guy, Solar: he didn’t ask you to stop drawing, he asked you to stop “drawning”, which is pretty easy to not do when you consider that it’s impossible to do. It’s PURE LOGIC, Solar.

I always love these arguments: “I don’t have to explain why I do something; I just do whatever I want.” Granted, they do have the right to do so; but it certainly doesn’t make you look competent at making comics when you can’t even explain why you do something. If she truly believed in “PURE LOGIC”, she would realize that every artistic choice should have a logical reason for being, so as to make it more entertaining for others to read, not because the author just felt like it. Just doing anything on a whim without any reason is to art what pushing random buttons on keyboard is to programming: not really useful.

Granted, “don’t draw in your comics” is a pretty lame complaint. Does he think they’re shittily drawn (a legitimate argument, to be honest)? Or does he have a personal phobia against drawings?

And now that I think about it, didn’t someone just complain about this comic having sprites? Make up your minds, people. I guess, in defense, both are used pretty badly. I would actually agree with her mix, since her skills with drawing and spriting seem to change erratically, from incompetently drawn (hello, tumor Kirby) to actually pretty competently drawn (Fox Boy).

Chapter 2: Page 18

Panel one: “Oh no! A cliché anime effect!”

Panel two: “Kirby, watch out! My dialogue is causing my word bubble to morph!”

Panel four: Phew. Good thing she blurred away in time.

Panel five: His name is “Kirby”, Betty; not “K-kirby”. Get it right.

Panel eight: I know he’s the villain, but I must admit that Fox Boy’s probably the only character I genuinely like. There’s something about his cheesy villainy that at least makes him pretty fun. Fuck K-kirby and Betty; I want to see a comic starring Fox Boy. And Waddle Doo and Chilly. Don’t forget Waddle Doo and Chilly.

Panel nine: Oh no. Will K-kirby make it? I’m on the edge of my seat.


Kirby Fancharacter

Cool! Its nice to see I’m not the only one making Kirby related things anymore… Now alot of people are doing it! :D

BoomerTH and Solar are the only people still using Kirby in their work. Hal Labs has already shut down their company—presumable after realizing that they could never compete with Solar’s magnum opus here.

Chapter 2: Page 19

Meta Knight: “Oh shit, I missed!”

Chapter 2: Page 20

Oh. Kirby made it, I see. I’m so surprised.

I must admit, Kirby gathering the courage to come out of the closet and join the gay pride marches, like he’d always dreamed, is heartwarming. I just hope he doesn’t run into Bluefire.

Chapter 2: Page 21

“Great. Boss is having his ‘Anime Aneurism’ spells again.”

Chapter 2: Page 22

When “Right-Hand” says that his name is of no importance, he isn’t being poetic. He knows his existence in this comic—much less this universe—is nugatory.


Also, the music in the last panel is a phone that ‘Mr. right-hand’ is holding.

I love it when comics require supplementary reading to understand them.

I can’t blame Yoshi700 for wanting to run away from this comic.

And I’m ready to run away, too. No more comics, no more comments. Glad I nipped this one before it got to be a 900+ tumor like Pokémon-X. By the way, how’s it like to still live in 2010, Recon?

-J.J.W. Mezun

(Revised: July 30, 2011)

(Originally Published: September 24, 2010)


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8 Responses to Kirby Blast (Updated)

  1. Toshi says:

    What the hell? Do you really have no life, and just decided to write a whole bunch of this bullshit ‘critique’ on my friend’s comic? What are you, 4? Get a LIFE, you pathetic retard!

  2. Plokman says:

    I agree Toshi. What a dipswitch.

  3. Chaosmark101 says:

    What the Hell is wrong with you don’t you have something better to do in your life than to rant about others? Stop ranting about whats wrong with comics and the people and think about whats wrong with yourself. Considering you do this probably for entertainment and to feel better about yourself I suggest getting yourself a psychiatrist. You have ALOT of issues that I think really need to be expressed my friend.

  4. The Watcher says:

    I think you guys need to relax. He has a right to express his opinion. Even if you don’t agree with it. So he’s ranting about a comic you like. Get over it. You guys probably watch The Angry Video Game Nerd and The Nostalgia Critic. Right? This is the same thing only aimed at sprite comics. Just relax and stop letting it get to you.

  5. Chaosmark101 says:

    Never seen them. Although I guess angry video game nerd is somewhere on youtube. for my game reviews I prefer G4 & The Escapist Magazine. But back to the point. This shouldn’t talk about the people commentating on the the comic if this is supposed to describe The actual comic in a nutshell. Range of colors, easy to read panels, good story, character design. He hasn’t gone into detail with those factors. So it seems like a shitty review.

  6. it’s just a fucking comic! You don’t have to dissect every single little detail like some kind of bitch. I’ll admit that I’m not the biggest fan of this comic but it’s 1000 times better most of the other shit out there.

  7. Bre says:


  8. Pat-Man12 says:

    Wow. Just. Wow. Can someone shoot this person? This is utter trash.

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